Oh Bliss - does your better half 'get' Bukowski? (1 Viewer)

Not sure how I managed this, but I just listened to my lovely wife read "How The Dead Love" to me from my dog-eared copy of South of No North. I alternated between laughing and tears, and she managed to make it through. The last half-hour has been pure bliss; I'm going to covert her, I just know it! She's very literary; it's just a matter of time before she gets Buk.:cool:

Carry on...
Bukowski is quite literary once one gets past
the public perception, you know? His persona?

His work is quite moving.

I don't really know why I'm always so surprised by
the prejudice held against him by the academia.

The prejudice is there. His work is too. And
they meet sometime, and there is surprise, and
then acceptance.
Just to be clear, me good wife is no literary critic nor full of pretense. She's just an open book who prefers pagan literature. It's all too true that Buk was reviled by the literary establishment. Here's to making them figureheads with granite souls, none too found in reality.

Another Buk fan is dripping close by...once I wash my hands, I'll explain more fully.:D
You talk about tears in your eyes....Hug the dog for me too. The Corgi sends his love too.

Meanwhile, I am trying to convert my wife to Bukowski as well. I thought about lying to my wife and telling her " Bukowski is in the Oprah Book Club".
That'll be the day. Now I wonder if that line will get picked up by google.
Gerard, just tell her about love. That should work. Funny thing about Buk. It's really all about love, isn't it?

As for the Oprah thang, bugger all, good luck.
Back to the Bliss

My lovely wife is up to Chapter 24 in Post Office God I love that girl! She may only be reading it since she doesn't have another book and a little because she loves me. I hope I can get her to read some more of his poetry.
The Days? or Pleasures of the Damned?
She ia an angel yet she hasn't drawn a bukowski cartoon. ;)
my wife has read all the novels, except Pulp. she loved them.
and when we were first going out and she was travelling to larger cities with good bookstores, she would try to find me Buk titles that I didn't have yet.

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