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Lolita Twist

I can't believe I'm saying this sober. But, I've had a lot of time on the net lately. I've been browsing different boards, sites, people, etc. I have to say - I always return here because I feel it is my e-home. The people seem to fit together, anything flies if you're not thick like gregormilligan, and I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside here. Charlie would shoot me.

Oh. And slimey and me are pregnant together. It was that night on acid. The shit creates miracles.
I have to say - I always return here because I feel it is my e-home

Nice thread, Lolita. What part of "the only forum that matters" don't you get?:) Many years ago a friend of mine gave me a cheapo blank tape filled with Bad Brains music. Listened to it and thought "what's this wonderful shit?" I'd never heard the likes on the radio - what part of the tree did this stuff grow from? In discovering this site I found the Small Press and have that feeling once again. A branch of the tree I never much gave thought to but climbing out on I find the view very much to my liking.
[SARCASM]Wow Lolita, just in time because I have been working diligently behind the scenes to get you thrown off the island.[/SARCASM]

So you say you are sober but that strain of enthusiasm sounds like it is the by product of a great head rush. I guess you are just high on the warmth of all of these wonderful people typing to you from all over the world. I know just how it feels. A feeling I first got when I received a P.M.here telling me to "go fuck myself someplace else." At that moment I knew I was dealing with fans with true conviction who knew their hearts.

Calm down a little it is just the internet, the web and a place to pretend or be too real.

...thank you for your kind words.
Stavrogin - agree about the small press, though must wonder why I'm starving over here. :(

Mr. Love - I'm calm! I just feel the love, brother!
...You want to throw me off the island? :(
Aunt & Uncle, that must mean we're married!!!!

For the duration of the pregnancy we have decided to completely abstain from all drugs and alcohol. Except for the occasional glass of wine and inhalant. And, of course, this does not affect my usual angel dust usuage.
Of course it doesn't, my love! Plus I think that shits good for a fetus - toughens the little shits up. Have we thought of names yet?

pssstt, Ger, my great uncle doesn't use acid, he freaks out too bad. ;)
pssstt, Ger, my great uncle doesn't use acid, he freaks out too bad. ;)

Oh, you think it might be the acid?

In this day and age with so many people living together friends are sometimes called uncle.


Speaking of crazy uncle....DO NOT pull his finger.
Eh, it's in the early part of the thread my dove.
(we're supposed to make it look like we're not on drugs anymore)

I missed that memo. (Probably from memory loss from drugs.) :(

Ger - I just said he doesn't drop acid, silly goose. And what's the friends being called "uncle" have to do with it?

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