Oh My God, I Love Everything So Much It Makes Me Vomit - Blitz, 1966 (2 Viewers)


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I'm going through my Bukowski files these days, trying to make this chaos more accesible somehow. Problem is, I love chaos... but I'm sure a few "gems" will show up here as I run around this chaotic mess of papers, mags, xeroxes, and "Bukowski! Bukowski! He's everywhere! I'm tired of that fucker with his all-knowing smile!" or something like that :D

Anyway, this is a tough one to find. It sure took me a while to track it down. It was NOT at UCSB's Special Collections Dept. I wonder why :rolleyes:

Oh, that is great stuff, thanks.

I love: "I guess I might be if that means being something I shouldn't be--say like listening to Mozart all night while drunk."
wow. thanks much for posting that, cirerita. very funny.

and thanks to Ponder for bringing it to my attention. i really need to do some thread digging around here...

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