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The Cruelty of Loveless Love
Wow, I had to do some research to make sure it wasn't a joke.... and it's not. Not sure what else to say, maybe The Beaver will know though.

Gerard K H Love

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You know ROC, I've always picture you to look like Mel Gibson whenever I read your posts.

Maybe that beaver is just the therapy Mel Gibson needs to overcome some of that anger he's holding in his gut.


It is what it is
When I was young, yes.
Here is a more recent photo of me for your records;

Love me some politically incorrect Sons of Bitches. Mel rocks. Poor bastard should have just shit on Rednecks, Republicans or Christians - all would be AOK then.


Hmmm... Now I'm thinking I may have spoken too soon. I made a similar sarcastic comment on Facebook and this is what a friend of mine said:

"Saw it two weeks ago with Ms. Foster's Q&A after the screening. It's insane. Dark, funny, sad, and intense. Definitely worth watching."

I should add he is a screenwriter himself and someone whose opinion I take seriously.


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He's a complete mess, despicable, full of rage, etc., but I've always liked Mel for some reason. I've seen trailers and the beaver film looks like it might be okay.

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