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What's up? I'm Marlyca. I don't know what to write about myself..
I'm here 'cause I'm writing a paper on his poetry and connection with the beat movement.
It sucks... I don't know what to write about... Don't have enough information...
I'm writing a paper on his poetry and connection with the beat movement. I don't know what to write about...
Start your paper with this true fact and then take it from there:

Charles Bukowski was not part of the Beat Movement.

You'll have them cheering in the aisles.
Thanks, but I'm doing pretty good.
I'm almost finnished.
Just have to analise his later work and I'm done.
If you guys, have anything interesing I should mention, just let me know.
It all got fucked up...
I recently started reading Bukowski, but only his short stories; Because it's hard to find poetry in my town. I'm graduating high school and this is that finnishing work, where I choose a subject and professor gives me the theme.
And I asked for Buk, 'cause read a lot of his stuff.
And he gave me poetry!
Now I haven't slept for four days and my deadline is tomorw...
Now I haven't slept for four days and my deadline is tomorw...

Here's Bukowski's advise:

"I've got a 1:00 English class. I've got to get straight."
"Drop a white."
"I need some food in my gut."
"Eat two soft-boiled eggs. Eat them with a touch of chili powder or paprika."
"Can I boil you a couple?"
"Thanks, yes."
The phone rang. It was Cecelia. Bill talked a while, then hung up. "There's a tornado approaching. One of the biggest in the
history of the state. It might come through here."
"Something always happens when I read."
I noticed it was beginning to get dark.
"They might cancel the class. It's hard to tell. I better eat."Bill put the eggs on.
"I don't understand you," he said, "you don't even look hung-over."
"I'm hungover every morning. It's normal. I've adjusted."
"You're still writing pretty good shit, in spite of all that booze."
"Let's not get on that. Maybe it's the variety of pussy. Don't boil those eggs too long."
I went into the bathroom and took a shit. Constipation wasn't one of my problems. I was just coming out when I heard Bill
holler, "Chinaski!"
Then I heard him in the yard, he was vomiting. He came back.
The poor guy was really sick.
"Take some baking soda. You got a Valium?"
"Then wait 10 minutes after the baking soda and drink a warm beer. Pour it in a glass now so the air can get to it."
"I got a bennie."
"Take it."
It was getting darker. Fifteen minutes after the bennie Bill took a shower. When he came out he looked all right. He ate a
peanut butter sandwich with sliced banana. He was going to make it.
"You still love your old lady, don't you?" I asked.
"Christ, yes."
"I know it doesn't help, but try to realize that it's happened to all of us, at least once."
"That doesn't help."
"Once a woman turns against you, forget it. They can love you, then something turns in them. They can watch you dying in
a gutter, run over by a car, and they'll spit on you."
"Cecelia's a wonderful woman."
It was getting darker. "Let's drink some more beer," I said.
We sat and drank beer. It got really dark and then there was a high wind. We didn't talk much. I was glad we had met. There
was very little bullshit in him. He was tired, maybe that helped.
"I'm here 'cause I'm writing a paper on his poetry and connection with the beat movement."

Here's his connection with the Beat poets: They didn't rhyme and they arranged their words freely on the page with little regard for punctuation. By those metrics, Herman's Hermits = Sonic Youth because they both played electric guitars and had long hair.

The Beats gazed inward and then aired their complaints for the "benefit" of society. Buk kept his gaze mostly outward, called things for what they were and didn't expect society to change for him.

Read the poetry of Bukowski. You won't be the same person afterwards. Start with "Burning In Water/Drowning In Flame" or "Dangling In The Tournefortia". You will appreciate the difference between Buk and the Beats.

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