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Ok, now I'm getting depressed. (1 Viewer)

So the Bukowski offerings at the library are slim, the retail bookstores and online sources are too pricey and the used stores arent yielding shit.
I want to READ!!!!!! I am asking if anyone has some extra, beat up, totally NON-collectable books they would sell me at a decent price sending media mail so I can move into my passion with some depth.

Barter or buy, I'm open to help at this point.
I dont have anything.
I do have a four volume collection of letters that UK press put out but I'm not thrilled with it.
I've ordered The Captain is out to lunch through Amazon but I cant do that again, it came out of the meager grocery budget, AND itr's taking for fucking EVER to get here.
Poetry I've read is a few of the posthumous collections, but own NOTHING.
I'm ready to read what you folks think I should. I think Im ready for the short stories and novels.

So far, no one is offering me anything so I am continuing to hit all the used book stores but pickin's are slim, as in I havent found DICK.

Buk is hard to find used. His books sell quickly, especially used copies. You won't find much in most towns. I've had luck buying used books by other authors on Amazon, at low prices, with cheap and -- so far -- fast shipping. Give that a look.
no...I have the solution to all your problems...and quite frankly, I'm surprised nobody suggested this yet.

go to

and search for Bukowski. Just put in....Lowest Price and I'm sure you can find most of the books for at least 10 bucks. I'm sure of it.
I dont have anything.

All frustration means is to get even more creative to manifest the impossible rather than to push it away. The gods are making you work. But there is such a thing as divine grace to feed the soul when the dollars are hard to come by . . . an, uh-hum, (illegal, Russian) on-line edition of the entire volume of Bukowski's short stores in South Of No North.

[We don't link to bootlegs, movie downloads or wholesale copyright infringement.]

Naturally, I cannot recommend that you take advantage of this illegal 188 page read and do a download for your own personal enjoyment or share the spirit of it with hubby or post quotes on your refrigerator or print it out to read in the bathtub and get it soggy . . . Yes, be sure to stay away from this bootleg from the land of Dostoevski, Pushkin, Anna Akmatova, Gorky and Lenin.


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