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Okay, I finished the oil change...where's that new Bukowski book? (1 Viewer)

I don't think I'd pay the current high bid, but then I'm not fond of that book anyway. It always seemed kind of out of place...I don't understand why it was published when it was published (unless they wanted something to tie in to - or give to - Sean Penn, who the thing is dedicated to if I remember correctly).
I agree that it appears to be a book that was shoehorned in between legitimate books. The design is very strange as well. The book is oversized and they used a terrible font that now looks quite dated (to me, anyway). The signature is always crappy and the fact that you can almost, at any time, find a copy available is testament to it's oddness and people's willingness to let it go.
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The dustjacket makes me not want it. If you say "Black Sparrow" and "Oversized," there's a good chance I'll part with big money for it... But not when you cover it up with an opaque, unprinted DJ!
BSP used unprinted jackets for several of their lettered New Years Greetings and a couple of their one-offs. The only Bukowski book from them that I know of with a printed DJ was You Kissed Lilly.
Who was the bookseller on ABE that said "there will be a special place in hell reserved for makers of otherwise fine books who then cover them in cheap mylar film"?

Here I would disagree. The mylar they used is pretty durable and does a fantastic job of protecting the book as long as it's left on, while allowing you to see and appreciate the design of the book.
Yeah, true. It just made me laugh that the author of that comment got so upset :)

The BSP books I have look so odd to people. The most common question I get when people see them is "What's with all the library books?". I guess standards of book making are so low these days that people just aren't familiar with a well made hard cover (?).

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