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I never did introduce myself and I'm sure when would rather I didn't. But here is a 'General Take' on my tiny life.

I am 23, Glaswegian, a pedestrain, a poet, an irrationalist, a joker, a self-involved asshole, a myopic microbe, a writer for the free press, a drunk, a druggie, a sensitive young fart, a mockery!

:) I really like this site it is informed, engaging, interesting, full of fools and characters! It would make a great Pub!

Hey Olaf...nice to meet you finally...

Been reading your posts for awhile...they're always 'fun'...

'Glaswegian', huh, something about weegees and glass, or ass and ouija boards, or something that's unsettling about that :-)

Keep on posting, Olaf, I'll keep reading...you, little Glaswegian, you :-)

Bobby D

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