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Sold Old Black Sparrow Announcements (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
12 early Black Sparrow Announcements with the skinny bird. Most fine, some near fine with small creases -- see pics. $15, including shipping.
I think you coined a descriptor: "The Skinny Bird Era."

"A morsel of mashed potato on the tablecloth can be horrible if you pick it up thinking it's a breadcrumb."

There aren't enough rolling eyes emoticons...
I was contacted by MJP's attorney who told me he would release candid photos of myself in a New Orleans sex club if I didn't send these to Bill.

Well played, MJP's attorney.
I do love these prospectuses (prospectii?)

I'm not sure how many books had these made for the releases. Anyone have any idea? Also, I'm looking to amass a collection, so if anyone has any that they want to part with.....I'm willing to buy, or better yet, trade...


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