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hey friends, I hope you can help. someone asked me today via mail for the original title and appearence of a poem, that I couldn't find so far.

the German title is 'Tod am Nachmittag' which would be 'Death in the afternoon' (yes, like Hem), but there is no such poem.

it starts saying something like "His drivers license said his name was Harold Sain." then goes to tell, that they've found him with a saltcellar in his hand. the radio was on. they found a written note like, he's drinking tea while waiting for the sun to come up or somebody breaks his skull. then it says, hes skull was not broken, but his body was slit open, the guts coming out, etc... it ends when they carry him out at 1 pm while two cockroaches fuck under the sink.

it's about one and a half pages long and MUST have been written before 1974.

It's most likely to be in one of these books:
- Poems written before jumping out ...
- The days run away like wild horses ...
- At Terror street ...
or one of these mags:
- Wormwood Review
- Klacto/23
- Iconolatre
- Sixpack
- Nola Express

Anybody knows about this one?

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i think it's called 'an action afternoon' - he reads it on the '90 minutes in hell' cd

hank solo

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That's definitely the one. Just had a listen. So Klacto 23 must be the place.

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