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I read the neeli's biography "Hank"... and there is a fantastic description of a Bukowski's essay:in spanish:
Ensayo incoherente sobre la poesía y la puta vida escrito mientras me bebo un paquete de seis cervezas (grandes)
appears in Ole #2, the douglas blazek's magazine... and never recolected or republished...
someone know something about this!?
A Rambling Essay on Poetics and the Bleeding Life Written While Drinking a Six-Pack (Tall)

This appeared in Ole #2 nowhere else, to my knowledge. I was looking for a copy for a friend and found one after looking for 2 years. I even contacted Blazek and could not get one. This is a tough one to find.

It was reprinted in The Flash of Pasadena #4 (May 12, 1967) -which is harder to find than Ole #2- and in A Bukowski Sampler, which shows up on eBay frequently.
Here's a scan of the cover of THE FLASH OF PASADENA, Issue #4...


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