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Ok, It's about time this thread showed up :D

I lived on wine ('my vino', I adoringly called it),
Any wine, for a long long time.
Then went through a self-inflicted and bewildering get-to-know-her relationship with Abstinence
(still occasionaly ;) fight bouts with her).

Now I seem to be hooked on the old Russian standard,
The juice of our negelected potato

I dabble with herbal teas
(especailly the ones that give a warning->
Don't operate heavy machinery, etc. after enjoying a cup).

Sometimes I really want to (and do) quit....
Ah, but like today, can always find a reason to partake,
Cheers to the first day of spring!

Ok, maybe shouldn't have started this thread
And instead have gone directly to my psychiatrist's couch,
But really, what do you all do or don't do.

Getting this all down (well, typed) got me thinking about Buk's take On Alcohol
From his interview by Sean Penn.
Just dug that mag out, so here goes->

"Alcohol is probably one of the greatest things to arrive upon the earth- alongside of me. Yes...these are two of the greatest arrivals upon the surface of the earth. So...we get along. It is ultimately destructive to most people. I'm just one apart from that. I do all of my creative work while I'm intoxicated. Even with women, you know, I've always been reticent in the love-making act, so alcohol has allowed me, sexually, to be more free. It's a release, because basically I am a shy, withdrawn person, and alcohol allows me to be this hero, striding through space and time, doing all these daring things...So I like it...yeah."

God, what a character he was, even in an interview!
Off to 'add' to my drink, and smoke.....
Will try to take a pic of Buk and Sean that is in this mag, he looks so fucking alive.
wine, wine, whickety wine. usually cheap shiraz. usually with a picture of a cute animal on the label. and im not ashamed of that.
unless i'm *drinking*, in which case it's vodka. unless im drinking on someone else's tab, in which case it's my fav: Dirty Grey Goose Vodka Martini Straight Up With Blue Cheese Olives (dirty blue), and if it doesnt have a thin layer of ice and chunks of olive death floating in it, then it aint for me.
It's all good. Don't make me choose.

Everything but that damn frat house gimmick booze...the crap with gold leaf floating in it, or any other prize inside.
when in a beer shop I?m like a kid in a toy store at Christmas time ? the treats, the delights, the wide eyed wonder, lights twinkling off the many coloured bottles.

though I wholly agree with mjp and the cheap shooter shit ? my pet peeve being After Shock ? what the feck is the after all about, the shock is initial ? vile stuff.
you buncha fucken boozehounds!

i can't stand the taste of any of it no matter what the colour or texture.

i prefer the bud bud bud, that stinky skunky chokeweed, cough cough cough, maybe even puke from coughing so hard! hey, we can puke together but for different reasons! alright! outta sight!

make mine a doobie.
o, no no no nonononono. I'm very picky about what I drink. It has to have booze in it.
i'm a beer man by choice, but sometimes you gotta get into the whiskey so for me its either, old grandad, jim beam, or wild turkey.

when i'm drinking clear liquor, its either rum or vodka. now since i'm poor I drink like a poor man so I stick with the juaquins rum or the vladimir vodka. smirnof 100 proof triple distilled vodka is also always high on the list.

the longest I can go without drinking is probably 2 days. I made it two weeks once but then fell off the wagon hard.
I look at it this way, drinking is just a way of killing yourself over a long period of time. or depending on your drinking habits, time periods are subject to change.

are there professional imbibers? unlikely but i suppose possible...
bukowski offered to drink beer as his 'performance' on at least one occasion which fills the bill...but then he could get away with it (smiles)

as a young college student I see first hand exactly how americans abuse the booze. I enjoy it greatly and have just recently started getting into wine. I'm still a beer man although I had given it up for the past 40 days. I enjoy drinking and the company and entertainment that drinking provides but I also enjoy drinking alone and being creative while I'm on the juice. Lately I have been drinking either wine or whiskey and I have to say that those two things will definitely do the trick everytime.
riverrat said:
are there professional imbibers? unlikely but i suppose possible...
bukowski offered to drink beer as his 'performance' on at least one occasion which fills the bill...but then he could get away with it (smiles)
"Anyone can be an alcoholic". Not true. It takes time and dedication and stamina. It takes courage. The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of us have none of these pre-givens in sufficient quantity to be anything less than amateurs. I include myself in this category . But like most, like to enjoy the fantasy on a regular basis. Hank had the balls. But he also had the humanity. Its good to know your limitations. " I ROARED LIKE A MADMAN".......
I think there's a distinction to be made between drinker and alcoholic. Hank was a professional drinker, because he never let it get in the way of his writing. An alcoholic would never let writing get in the way of their drinking.
ClassIntellectual said:
Hank was a professional drinker, because he never let it get in the way of his writing. An alcoholic would never let writing get in the way of their drinking.
Good point...

I like a shot of Jaegermeister with a beer chaser. Gives you a quick jolt at the end of the day, without too much of a hangover on the morrow...
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.
It has ruined all other beers for me.
I'd part with some members of the family before I'd give it up.
wine and beer are staples for me...
harder stuff is always whiskey, I go through phases...rye for months, then scotch, jack daniels for a while...right now (and I mean right now) it's jim beam.
I'm high on Jesus and a clean wind shield;
okay, make that Buddha and fine pussy (meaning
no disrespect, ladies [as Ghost Dog would say];
I hope you know that I worship you, as those who
know me will attest to); for intoxicants, I use
liquid nicotine and Diet Coke, Buk poetry and
my mind.

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Beer is my preference. Years back, when I smoked cigarettes, I liked Budweiser. Then after kicking the smokes, I had to switch brands of beer (I was afraid of falling back into my favorite routine of Budweiser and Winstons). So, I "upgraded" to Harp, Beck's, various micro-brews, etc...

And been smoke-free since 4/13/97. :>)
Yeah - the weight gain is a drag. But the trade-off is still good. I don't spend 5 to 10 minutes hacking up grey/black phlegm every morning, and my singing voice has improved (I need all the help I can get!). :D
18 years. I just had a physical last month, and my doctor said we should take X-Rays as often as my insurance allows - which will be once every two years(?), after I reach a certain age. Oh well - this is the price I pay for what was - admittedly - a pleasurable habit.

number6horse said:
after I reach a certain age. Oh well - this is the price I pay for what was - admittedly - a pleasurable habit.

Fuck, you know what,
Was it Buk actually who said,
"Ah, fire at my finger tips,... it is so natural."?
Or something to that effect...

Im in NY and just had the first summery day,
So, of course, couldn't mow the lawn, had to start my new book,
(Having finished Sierra's Secret Supper)
My white whale of a body naked for the sun,
And Melanoma (Sp?) is a terrible thing, I know,
(And I do have moles)
And beer is a bad afternoon habit (Molson XXX), I know,
And I was rolling my own Tobacco, American Spirit,
( Lung cancer kills!)

And I got thinking,
Stretching after 30 pages,
The lake glistening, beautiful,...
This is all bad, I guess,
But man This would be my heaven
So why not taste a little bit now.

No disregard to you,
Toast! for quitting, man...
But at least you have insurance,
(in my case, ignorance is bliss....)

And I just got another 6-pack,
So I'll shut-up,
But a quasi-friend died today
(I've known him for 5 years +, but not too well)
3 am at his house surrounded with loved ones.
Under 50 years old!, fucking undiagnosed (well, until to late) brain cancer.
(1st went to the hospital less than 1 month ago,
and told he had 3 or 4 months to go)
The last 2 years he continually lost weight very un-understandably, and very happily...(This was a big brute of a man).

Yesterday I didn't have a drink
(Ah, but I smoked, I will alway keep that fire there...)
And today
That gloriously awful, trendy song->
Don't worry, be Happy!,
Well its playing here under my blue skies and I'm.....

There, I won't post again,... until tomorrow :> (or a little later)

BTW-> 60 pages into a cool, Catcher-in-the-Rye type book for our generation->
A M Homes, This Book Could Save Your Life
Ahh, sweet nectar of life, delicious juice of creativity, raging river of madness: Alcohol, my personal God and savior, I salute you!

Personally I enjoy most types of Alcohol when offered, but when I buy the stuff myself here is my recipe:

1: I drink every friday, and most saturdays.
2: When I drink I get hammered.
3: I drink either: Beer, Whisky (NOT WhiskEy, that is American, Canadian or Irish), Brown or Black Rum, Gin (oh hell yes) or white wine. I'm allergic to red wine.

Favorite kind of whisky: Laphroaig 10 yo single malt. Second place: Glen Fiddich 12 yo single malt. Third place: Glengoyne 10 yo single malt. As you can see, single malt is the way to go. If I cannot afford single malt, and just want something to mix with hot water and sugar I usually choose J&B blended scotch.

Writing this made me thirsty.
I don't drink anymore. Nor do I smoke anymore. Or smoke out or shoot
up. I even gave up cafeine.

I started drinking beer with illegal mexican farm workers when I was seven,
by 28 I was an alkie and a junkie and I had had hepatitis and been through
D.T.'s and been in and out of jails. I always liked pop-skull wine, i.e,
any wine that had a screw off cap - Night Train, Thunderbird,
Annie Greensprings... .

I'm not advocating a clean life style, but, at 46, I can say I am in better
physical condition than I have ever been in in my life.

I'm also flat-ass busted broke.

Six of one, twelve dozen of another.
Czechvar, an amazing beer. Strongly recommend it, anyone I've turned onto this beer hasn't gone back, any anyone whose tried it knows what I'm talking about. Again, Czechvar, in the European section of your beer store. Been drinking it religiously for at least two years.
i do not drink vodka. it sincerely repulses me.

if i drink, these days, it's beer and i don't usually drink more than two.

i've found that the older i get, the worse hangovers are. i hate hangovers.

i smoke a little pot, mostly at the end of the day after i've gotten everything done, but not every day anymore.

when i was younger i drank a lot. i did an enormous amount of drugs. as i get older, i just find that none if it is as fun as it used to be. there's other things i'm way more interested in doing with my time. maybe i'll die of a heroin overdose. it's the only drug i've ever truly loved. but i've got kids see... so i don't do that. but maybe it will be a different story when i'm 95 and frail and dying anyway. go out on a cloud of titties and all that...
beer and vodka.
with my parents, mostly. i don't complain. it's all free here, and we've got a nice little backyard with patio lights and candles lit on the table. it's a nice setup. when my grandpa was here we got to listen to his wild rants about the communists and the Nazis.
i try not to spend more than 10 bucks on a bottle of wine. and i do get caught up with animal labels. i think my last had a 43 pound rooster on it. if i'm in a bar i drink miller lite. beer gives me killer hangovers though. i dont think i've ever had one drinking wine. going out on a cloud of titties.. ok! i wish it too.
i totally shop for wine by the look of the label. my favorite is a bottle that sits on the back of my stove that my friend gigi brought over for me like two years ago...


i like it because i'm a capricorn. and i do roam.



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