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Black Swan

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At the moment, Ponder is getting ready for the film's premiere in The Netherlands.:DD


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Seriously, how is it. The trailer seems cheesy.

Bunch of hollywood pretty boys. And Kirsten fucking Dunst.

Is it any good?


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If you're able to put the novel out of your mind, it's not a bad movie, not a great one either. Factotum level.


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Great cinematography, great soundtrack. Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty were totally miscast. Sam Riley was, ironically, not good looking enough to play a young Kerouac, although his voice in the voiceovers was almost spot on.

Garrett Hedlund gave a pretty good performance, but he lacked the frenetic energy of Moriarty/Cassady.

But for the second movie in a row, Kristen Stewart surprised and impressed me (the first being The Runaways ).


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Is he the actor that played Ian Curtis in "Control" the Joy Division story? If so, he was really good in that movie.

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