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there sits bukoswki

(welcome, Siraj. sorry, we don't allow member poetry here. it's a long standing policy for sanity reasons. -ed. )
Welcome, Siraj. Whatever you wrote, I'm sure it was meaningful to you and we may have liked it but we must wait until you are published.

In the mean time please enjoy the lively chatter about the great and powerful Bukowski. What is your favorite Bukowski poem or story?
Sadly some people sign up here with the only goal being to advance their career in poetry. Once they find that it will not fly, they lose interest.
<sweeping generalization>

I find that almost all submissions from India & China come in as massive spam submissions. That is one of my very few rules in accepting submissions. This leads me to believe that they are far more concerned with submitting to 10,000 publications than they are to finding one that is right. In the case of this website, I believe that there is a rule against posting one's own poetry, but you will still see it happen and it is usually a hit-and-run from a new member that never shows back up once their goal of posting their work is complete. Hopefully I'm wrong, but evidence says that this is not the case.

</sweeping generalization>
Our friend Siraj posted from -- you won't believe it -- India!

And hasn't been back since posting.
so he has not seen that his poem was removed....

Again, poem-spammers rarely seem to care. It is not worth their time to check when there are other websites to spam with their poem. I know that the poem was removed, but if a mod was interested and did a google search, I'd bet money that this poem has appeared on a few other sites.

Just a hunch.

He works for GMAC mortgage call center and thought by coming in here he could get some tips on sounding more like an American when he tells people he's in Iowa. He called me the other day to remind me that I am late with my payment. I held off another foreclosure notice by telling him how poetic he sounded when he demanded the $4,084.59 or else. I recommended this site to get him his big break. I should have said something.
He does not work for GMAC. I'm sure that he works for BOA, Microsoft and HP. They have a lot of employees who say that they are in California, anyway...

What's the theory behind that sort of "massive spam submission" approach to poetry that Bill describes? Does the poet think that by getting a lot of poetry out all over the web, someone will notice? And then what happens? Marriage offers pour in? They appear on Oprah? Parties and new friends? Publication? Or is the satisfaction in the act alone -- the power of having 10,000 poems on message boards all over the world?

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