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I put off seeing this because I didn't think I'd like it; it'd be too sentimental, overly romantic, and the music would suck.

well, by japers, I liked it. and the music didn't get on my nerves like I thought it would. not that I'm going to rush out to buy the cd, but for movie music, it's just fine and suits the characters and story very well.

very natural acting, simple plot and sweet without being sickening, and although the ending is fairly happy, it wasn't the predictable romantic ending I was expecting.

Great irish film,simple yet effective.
Saw a French film yesterday called 'the missionary' that has just been released.
Another simple film , but you will piss yourself laughing.Guaranteed..Check it out.
I just went to Netflix to add this to my queue and realized I saw this movie about a year ago. It is a nice movie and my wife gave it 4 stars which is very good for her.

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