One of the coolest authors of all time? We know. (1 Viewer)

Let us assume, for the hell of it, that the list is in no particular order. Link adjusted. 8-))
DeLillo for sure... We could go on and on. These lists are so subjective. But yes, i agree. At least they got one author right: BUKOWSKI! Hey, no Henry Miller if I'm not mistaken.
I've got a house with shelves, cases, stacks and piles of books and I don't own a single book by about half of them. I haven't even heard of about 1/3 of them. I must really not be that cool. :cool:
Don't follow, but I can be rude if called upon. :confused:

Oh, I unceremoniously thought skiroomilumski was responding to me. He was responding to another hack, hooch. Got it. :eek:
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Lists can be a silly thing [...]
when I've been to Thailand in 2006 there was a magazine for foreigners living there (the Thai-word for this kinda persons is "Farang" or as they pronounce it "Falang", which also was the name of said magazine).

Just then they did have a list in their latest issue: They've been rating the "Top-5-drinkers of the 20th century".

Our man is in there.

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Ok - I "scored" 20 out of 50. But I did not count the ones I have forever dismissed and warned others to avoid like literary Ebola. So I guess I'm only 40% cool.

But lists are lists...

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