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The Cruelty of Loveless Love
Anyone see the movie about Bukowski called One Tough Mother? It's all over ebay and I'm sure a bunch of you have most likely viewed it over and over, looking for some insight.
That's not a movie. That's a new edition of the two readings first released as, "The Last Straw" (the Vancouver reading), and, "There's Gonna Be A God Damned Riot In Here!" (The Redondo Beach reading). Now they've issued both readings (complete this time!) as a 2-DVD called, "One Tough Mother", and included some bonus material.
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Thanks Bukfan, that helps. I've seen them both already so I guess it makes that decision easy. And isn't There's Gonna.. the one filmed in Vancouver?
You're right! My mistake. It's the other way around - "There's Gonna Be A God Damned Riot In Here!", is the Vancouver reading, and "The Last Straw" is the Redondo Beach reading.
The only difference between those two DVD's and the new 2-DVD set, "One Tough Mother", is that the 2-DVD set contains the complete readings (plus bonus material).
When the readings were first released, they had made both of them "unique" by deleting a few poems from each reading, which Buk read in both readings. For instance, Buk read the poem, "The 9 Horse", in both readings, but in order not to have the same poems in both readings, they deleted "The 9 Horse" from the Vancouver reading. Now, they decided to issue the complete readings as a 2-DVD set. Smart business move. A cynic might say they planned it that way from the beginning in order to sell the (almost) same product twice, but who knows? I'm certainly glad to finally have the complete readings, although only a few poems were missing the first time around.
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