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First off i'd like to congratulate you on a fantastic site, bout time Bukowski fans had a place to meet and conspire.
Just to let you know that the blog-based short story and poetry journal Laika Poetry Review is seeking submissions for it's second issue.
The first issue of Laika Poetry Review is now online and features writing from Bukowski's friend and biographer A. D. Winans (of whom he once said "A.D. can go ten rounds with the best of them"), Rennie Sparks of The Handsome Family,Tom Leonard, Adam Jeffries Schwartz, Alex Galper, Corey Mesler, Ryan Bird and Colin Dardis as well as a study of the lost German-Jewish poet Jakob Van Hoddis.
We are currently accepting submissions for the second issue, which will feature a study of the Chinese poet Li Po and a wealth of exciting original writing from the downtown bars to the South China Seas. We are looking for poetry and flash fiction that is imaginative, counter-cultural and accessible, writing from the ditch rather than the middle of the road. More details are on the site.
Thanks and best wishes.


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he sure did. said "it was more interesting in the ditch" or words to that effect. sure he wouldn't mind me stealing the idea. On The Beach and Tonight's The Night are two of my favourite albums, both incredible. love Mellow My Mind esp where he sounds like he's been on the tequila for a week. god bless the man.


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Lonesome whistle on the railway traaaaaaaaaack
I ain't got nothing on those feelings that I haaaad

a stoned beauty!

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