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Only $400 for a 31st printing hardcover of Women! (1 Viewer)

See if he'll take $30. It's probably worth $40.

Or maybe more these days, what do I know. You don't see them every day. But I know it isn't worth $400.
Oh DUH! See, you think I was being clever, didn't you? A real funny girl. But I thought it was signed. It's just a hard cover. The guy is obviously out of his mind on the other spectrum than the one I previously thought you were referring to!
The funny part has yet to come. It will be when it doesn't sell, and it's re-listed for $500.00!!!! Although I've seen that happen(not with buk stuff) but a jacket I wanted recently. Ended with zero bids at 9.99 buy it now, then its re-listed for 17.99 and it friggin' sells! I guess it takes someone who really wants that thing, that hadn't seen it while it ran the first time. However the above copy of Woman, I figured must be signed to be asking that price, but nope.

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