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"Only the truly lost"

I am searching, desperately, for a Bukowski poem that I found a recording of him reading aloud.

See, this poem, it is maybe the most beautiful i've read of his.

But I think, i'm fairly sure, that my recording cuts off prematurely. And this is torturous.

Please, help me find out what this poem is called and where I may find a written copy.


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It's called "Only the truly lost" and it ends with the line, "The day has truly begun," so if that's the last line on your recording, you've got the whole thing.

It was never published, unless it was under a different title.

Try this.
Thank you endlessly.

I have dial up, and the download will most likely take 3,000 minutes to work, but it is well worth it.

Yes, my copy does cut off early.