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I certainly don't consider myself a Buk historian...huge fan yes...a couple weeks ago I picked up 3 issues of ONTHEBUS and an issue of Specimen '73 and I noticed that according to the poem database here that Old Man, Dead In A Room (from Specimen) I'll Have It To Go, The Stages, Three Oranges and Eating Out (from OTB) aren't listed in any of his books...is this true?
The current database is a few years out of date (though an update is coming soon to a theater near you!), and it doesn't include the more recent collections. But you'll find a lot of things in those kinds of magazines that are not collected in BSP/Ecco books.

But I'm quite sure Old man is collected in a few places...



Old Man, Dead In A Room appears in:

It Catches My Heart In Its Hands - pg. 95 - 1963
A Bukowski Sampler - pg. 36 - 1969
Penguin Modern Poets 13 - pg. 24 - 1969
The Roominghouse Madrigals - pg. 53 - 1988

That was one of his most reprinted poems.
there are also journal entries from 1991 in the OTB issues...can those be found anywhere else? if not, it sounded like my $5 investment for each issue was worth it
The journal entries became The Captain is Out to Lunch.

Although I believe that there are partial sections in the ONTHEBUS version that didn't make it into the book.

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