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"The law is wrong; I am right"
Welcome to the forum, Amandla! Join the discussions, that's all...
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I, on the other hand, know exactly what to do in a sentimental site like this.
Us Greeks are sensitive when someone tell us that "they want to feel loved"
so I am going to read all about my fav dirty old man and although Greek writers are the best -from ancient times 'till today- I do appreciate some lesser writers such as most of the so called "great" American writers.
No offense. ;):p


There are a lot Greeks on this site. How do you find the quality of the Bukowski translations, or are you reading him in English?

Welcome to the forum!

Bill, thank you for your warm welcome.
As far as the translations goes, there are some great and others not so great.
I usually read from the original because I am a translator myself.
We have the same expression only we say "It's Chinese to me".
China... another great, ancient country. Not quite like Greece but... hehehe
I am afraid that I will begin to sound like the father in "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding" but what the heck... we are the best! :p:D


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welcome,and thank you i have not thought about what it was like to walk around your city in a long time,a city were it all started..

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