Have you gone through The Continual Condition? There are at least fourteen poems previously published in posthumous collections. I don't know if they were changed, but I suspect that's probably the case. That would be funny because the butcher would be changing his own changes!
I have not, but it sounds like a good future project (for someone other than myself, hopefully :confused:). I found this one accidentally while I was looking for something else.
Not only are these changes unnecessary, they are also insulting to the mind and the poem. The original line "as the bankers scurry to survive" allows the reader to fill in the imagery of what would take place as a banker tries to survive; thus becoming part of the flow of the poem. The changed line "as the bankers scurry to collect loans overdue" spoon-feeds the reader and removes the reader from the process of interpreting the work and creating an atmosphere that is inspired by Buk's careful choice of words.

I realize that this has pretty much been your point all along, mjp, but the above is an example of how it fouls the work for me. What a festering pile of shit this has become.

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