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anyone have access to open city mag? that could post a few pages? or links or auctions involving this 60's underground mag?
my name is brad i'm new. i just saw born into this and was fascinated with the open city segment. saw ads about love forever changes, the doors, and of course notes of a dirty old man. just would like to get a feel of what underground l.a. was like in the 60's
Maybe try contacting Scott Harrison at Abandoned Planet in San Francisco. He knows the publisher, John Bryan and probably has some issues for sale.

Searched for this thread. It would be very interesting to see something of these open-city-magazines. Is there a possibility for you to upload some pictures, Bill?

Do they ever pop up on ebay? Never seen one. Which seems strange. Through the column-reading etc. you get the feeling that they had quite a circulation.
There are about 10 copies for sale on all priced +/- $40 all from long-time Bukowski dealer Michael Sherick. Not too bad for something that does not turn up all that frequently.
This was great, because you could read certain columns which didn't make it into the collection. Like the first with the review of Hemingway. Thanks a lot chronic.

Unfortunately it's all gone now.
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For those interested, Scott at Abandoned Planet just listed about 10 of these newspapers. Probably from John Bryans stock....

$12 a piece is not bad...


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