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Read about this today, its an AI pretrained language transformer. That means, a program you can feed with text and it will learn the structure/semantic/topic(s) of the text and produce or modify similar text on it's own.

Meaning, you can type half a page about a topic, feed it in this thing and it will keep writing about that topic in your style of language, words used etc.

It can transform to Q&A, translate any text in any language, convert plain text to code and probably the reverse, even improve your fucking English or German or whatever.

You can try it out here: (scroll down to 'Demo').

Here is a cool article about it:

Implications of this range from mindblowing to scary, imo.

The future is here, I guess.
That's scary. On a similar note, I had been watching a lot of those text-to-speech synthesis videos (some of which, are incredibly accurate) and I was thinking you guys could do a Bukowski one just for fun. Nothing too long or disrespectful in any way to the man, maybe just a "Welcome to the Bukowski Forum" or something like that. It would be funny to hear it in Bukowski's voice and maybe post it everytime a new member introduces themselves.

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