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Reputable seller, but the signature just looks different to me. The B in particular - other signatures of his do not have the loop in the B. The numbers also look slightly different than his other numbers. Just looking for group opinion - how does this strike you? Again, I think the seller is legit but I am very inexperienced at purchasing signed things and trusting

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Looks legit, but definitely rushed and/or sloppy.

If it was a situation where he had to sign a bunch in one sitting things can get sloppy. It's happened to me. I've had to throw pages out because it doesn't look like my signature. But that might just be me. I'm odd like that.
On first glance it doesn't look great, but there are a number of proper elements as well. My biggest concern is not the "B" (I've seen a few with loopy Bs like this, although not as loopy) but the "arles," which is very sloppy. But I looked at a few sigs from this era and they show signs of what we see here. I'd say it's genuine, but it's reasonable to at least question this one.
This is an item currently on eBay from a seller that has sold many items. I don’t want to cast any negative thoughts on them. It’s an earlier version of a posthumously published poem with signature and drawing. I am just inexperienced so looking for opinion of the group.
I see the item for sale (or a copy of it?) is listed as being in the Huntington Library collection ... trying to wrap my head around that
Much of Bukowski’s original typescripts he kept himself, and are in the permanent collection in Pasadena. The copy he generally sent to whoever was going to consider the poem for publication is generally signed and or dated and is what you’re looking to buy. 85 should be a xerox copy, not carbon. Sig ain’t great, but definitely legit. We all likely know the seller, so no worries if you want to name names. Smallish world, this one.

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