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Let's talk about what your recommendation for reading order would be, be specific to poetry, short story books and also novels. Not only am I rereading everything eventually but I am also sharing my collection with someone pretty new to buk and I am trying to figure out how to introduce him correctly
I'm afraid there's no such a thing as the "correct" way to read or re-read dear ol' B. Your gut feelings should show you the best way to go!
What's interesting is that the attraction is different for everyone, and you might love some aspects and find others kind of "eh."

Had I read Erections first, I might not have ever picked up another Bukowski book, because big chunks of that seem so lazy/sloppy and "60's" to me (which is understandable once you know the history of those stories). Yet I've seen a few people here say that was that book that got them hooked. So really, you never know what's going to click with someone. Depends on the person you're trying to initiate.
I understand but I think I am going to either start with factotum or post office, I have talked about some of the poems that I really enjoy but I do not know what book to lend my lady friend.
If someone were to ask me to recommend a Bukowski novel it would be "Ham On Rye"

...if short stories it would be "South of No North"

...if poems, "Mockingbird Wish Me Luck"

Not for any reason other than that these are my personal favorites in each category.

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