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Original 1987 Interview Mag With Bukowski (1 Viewer)

Well, I put this magazine on eBay this morning. Then, about an hour ago, I remembered this wonderful forum. You fine folks bought several of my Bukowski photos, book announcements, etc. when I was selling off my collection awhile back. We were cleaning out the garage today. I found my copy of the September 1987 Interview magazine, the one with an interview that Sean Penn did of Bukowski.

I'll give all of you first crack at this. I'm really not sure of the value so don't flame me, please. I did a search for it and found a copy for $200 that was in near fine condition. Now, that's probably too much. But, without knowing for sure, I priced it as best I could.

Let me know if you're interested. I'll end the auction early if a buyer steps forward right now.
Not to be rude, but whoever priced this at $200 is clearly insane. The mag is worth maybe $20. Unless it is a rare issue for other reasons than the Bukowski interview. I have seen these pop up on ebay from time to time at low prices and they don't usually get any bids.


p.s. I just looked it up and the seller on abe for the $00 copy is DFavid Gregor. Usually he just overprices his stuff by 50%. It is rare to see him overprice something by 1000% as he did with this magazine....

LOL!! Then I've really overpriced it. Well, I'm offering it up to you guys. I'm not looking to make serious money or anything. I truly didn't know how to price it. So any of you interested in it, let me know if you want it.
when i first started collecting bukowski, i'd see people like gregor or ron ramswick price later-printing trade hardcovers at $150 and get really excited that i was sitting on a gold mine. too bad...

funny story - at the last book fair in san francisco, it was raining really hard, and the roof started leaking over gregor's booth. aside from him and a couple adjacent booths, everyone else stayed dry, but he was scrambling to cover everything up with sheet plastic.
A little bit water on his inventory would have done about a million dollars damage.

At least with his accounting system.
$10-$20 sounds about right for this one I'd say.

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