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Original typed manuscript, Buk Poem. (1 Viewer)


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Anybody knows about this manuscript?

I have no idea about the current prices....too expensive, good deal, or cheap?

Who can help me out....Thanks.

BUKOWSKI, CHARLES. Stolen. Poem. Original typed manuscript, signed, 4to.
With several corrections in bold black marker. Full signature in blue ink "Charles Bukowski 12-14-75". With a selfportrait in his now gone car ("Volks") under the sun and a drawing of a large flower, both in blue viltpen. -- Fantastic love song! "[...] good old TRV 49I " the faithful love of a man, the way I put here into second while taking a corner the way she could dig from a signal with any other around. the way we conquered large and small spaces rain sun smog hostility the crush of things [...]
EUR 1150.00 = appr. US$ 1426.00
Offered by: Antiquariaat Aioloz - Book number: 00000004

When manuscript prices were at their highest, that's about what you would have paid for that, but they have come down somewhat, so it may be steep. To me (and realize most people don't put a value on things using the same criteria) it depends on the quality of the drawing. I would want to see it before buying.
Thanks for the info, mjp.

I googled for this poem "Stolen", can't find it yet...Do you know this poem, or do you know in wich poetry book it's published?

There is a poem titled "Stolen" that was in "Love is a Dog From Hell" published in 1977.

Without looking it up, I would bet that this is the same poem.

Thank you. Never read Love is a dog from hell. Is it possible to drop the poem here?
Reminds me of a line: Kerouac? He not a writer but a typewriter.
LIADFH is a damn fine book Well worth picking one up online. A later edition paperback would probably sell for $10.

Pick that up along with "Women" and you will get a great taste of Bukowski circa 1977-8....


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