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Hey everyone. I've always been oddly fascinated by magazines and was an avid reader of comic books when I was a kid. There are already threads for discussing movies, books, paintings and music, so I thought maybe on this thread you can share some of the magazines (short story ones, pop culture ones, whatever kind), comic books, cartoons, podcasts, YouTube channels, articles, and other kinds of niche, mostly trivial media that you like or discovered.

I've been personally looking through the Punk magazine files online (some weird but fun to read interviews in there) and caught the pilot for a new animated show on Adult Swim called Smiling Friends, which seems interesting. Oh yeah, and I've also been listening to a podcast by some dude on the internet.
Quite possibly trivial choices, but anyway...I only listen to podcast when driving or taking long walks, both things very restricted during lockdown in Spain, so that means I'm not listening to much now. Although I also like to take interviews from people I like on Youtube (James Ellroy, Zizek, Chomsky, Alan Moore, Werner Herzog ...) and transform the file into mp3.

The Next Picture Show, a movie of the week podcast with Scott Tobias, Tasha Robinson, Keith Phipps and Genevieve Koski;
Robinson is usually the sharpest critic of the bunch. Episodes last about 45 minutes. It's been a while since I listened to this film podcast. Mostly because I want to watch the movies first and lately I'm not watching as many new releases as I used to.

Without Your Head, a youtube channel devoted to interviewing people from the horror industry.

Silk Steel Podcast, it is helping me to learn about Chinese history.

Novara Media, is a Youtube channel I discovered during Brexit and it's one of the very few political shows I can more or less stand.

And right now I'm also exploring this channel. (not with pleasure, but I still find it informative)

Just to mention a handful.
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I only listen to podcast when driving or taking long walks, both things very restricted during lockdown in Spain, so that means I'm not listening to much now.
I've actually been listening to more stuff during lockdown. Since I'm working from home, I just blast on some music, an interview or a podcast while I do all menial tasks I don't need to be facetiming for. For some reason I can concentrate more on a podcast while working than while driving. I'll check out your recommendations later.
I don't know if any of you are/were interested in videogames (doesn’t hurt to ask, I guess), but with so much time to waste and Septuagenarian Stew not arriving, I just bought and finished Max Payne, which I had never played before. Great story, albeit a bit cheesy and cliché in some parts, and very entertaining linear gameplay. It became one of my favorite games immediately.
Just found this: a podcast about cinematographer Roger Deakins (a series of conversations about selected film topics)

Too late to edit the previous comment, but I think I should add 2 discoveries I made recently. Both webs are streaming movies for free and because they are specialized in old, forgotten movies, these are free of copyright issues (as far as I can tell):
http://rarefilmm.com/ (works like a film library; the guy behind adds new items every week)
http://cinephobe.tv/ (and this one is like an obscure TV channel)
Exploring Letterboxd I stumbled with both websites.

Btw, and for those who are curious about the first films of Barbet Schroeder...Today they are streaming More and The Valley. I'm afraid I will be sleeping (+6 hours in Spain)


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