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...another person that is confused and upset that after all the years of their important writing, there is no cechaffin.net that discusses the nuances of his poesy...

I felt almost sorry for the guy until he said that the woman Bukowski married "introduced him to the care of cats."
As if Bukowski didn't love cats before he met Linda. I'm thinking now of the photo of Buk & Butch (or the cat in the photo was a tan and white domestic short hair who lived around the court) when they lived on Carlton way.
The guy is a manic. They can not make rational decisions, at least in some people's opinions. Here's some of his blog that is full of the typical dig me B. S..
You know, I went with a girl named Chaffin back in the 70s. She was an uppity cunt too, an unschooled wannabe hustler with a nice body and mouth on her.

Caution: Please do not confuse the dog in the photo with anything to do with a corgi. That dogs legs are clearly too long.
Ahhh... and an M.D. to boot!

Nice arrogant, self important blog he has there.

This guy is like the reincarnation of Barbara Fry (e) but without her talent...

"a catholic taste in literature"--I'm pretty sure that means his bangs little boys...

"It is written at roughly an eighth grade reading level"--well, okay...8th graders then...

Boring...too long. Don't care what you think, guy.

About his blog:
"...but fears it has a larger audience than his other works." I count 2 comments left by people that aren't him. Does that mean his other works are read by 1 person?
His poem to Bukowski starts off all wrong, "Your shadow follows me
like an oil smear on asphalt"

When it clearly should be: Your shadow follows me
like a shit smear in underwear.
Here's some of his blog that is full of the typical dig me B. S..
"It is you, the long time readers of this blog, who now need to step up and do your part in sustaining my dream of being a recognized poet by not only purchasing a copy [of my book] but telling your friends."

Ha ha ha. I can't wait to order a copy and read his great poetry like:

Christ's Lighthouse

There is a pillar of light
stuck in the rocks like Excalibur...

What a genius. What craft.
the thing about that line, though, is that it represents transcendental values. bukowski doesn't have transcendental values. that's why he sucks.
I like how he quotes some of his great stuff but simply misses it.

Says he was unimaginative but even though it wasn't his style we here all know short stories by him that were quite outlandish.

I kept picturing some prudish high school teacher writing this.

I fully understand that everyone doesn't have to "get" a particular artist but when I read their review/complaints it makes me glad not to ever have to know any of these folks.

And thinking "art" is above life is the first mistake any artist can make.
Criticism as veiled self-promotion (on the Internet, your subject's name attracts more hits than yours does) is always a painful read. BTW, Buk and whatshisname got it wrong: Eliot never worked as a "bank teller". He worked in a bank - translating contracts and reports. "I'd like to withdraw 10 pounds please, Mr Eliot.""How would you like that?""A five and five ones, please." never happened, I'm afraid.
Yours pedantically
Joey K.

PS Anyone who wants to, can check out the critic's discrimination and ability in "Her Steaming Love Tunnel". I advise caution.
This is an excellent review and critical approach to Bukowski.

I love to read that which is in opposition ot my belief, i.e., that bukowski is great writer and poet. But, I don't just like to sit and repeat that, I know he is also the opposite of that which I think he is. Bukowski is, I'm sure he would admit, also a terrible writer.

The point is a like to here ALL SIDES of the story, not just to, Pro and Con. This makes some real stabs at the flaws of bukowski, the limitations of his style and approach.

I welcome them. But I don't believe them to be True, only valid.

And, of course, in some wasy, the man writing can't quite concede his envy of bukowski.
Joey K, Is that the same CE Chaffin? The same guy who wrote Christ's Lighthouse mentioned above?
Wow, he's a horse and a crap poet.

How's that? Wonderful! I'm a horse not a man, a horse not a man! I'm a horse not a man! Yes! Uumph! Yeow! Ahhhhhhhhhhhrrr......
...could you feel me mmp ahh pulsing inside you? You came when? I thought we 'd come together! Maybe next time...

Giddy yup! :eek:
Nothing new, Olaf.

One of Bukowski's best friends, Gerald Locklin, wrote in 1982:

"I am not a Bukowski idolater. Even Bukowski (maybe Bukowski most of all) knows that his work is uneven. His defense is that it's his job to write and the job of others to edit and evaluate."

The review on itself is just very bad. An useless approach, that's all.
I like reading bad reviews. I pretty much read only negatives when, for example I look for something on Amazon, or reading movie reviews. They are much more interesting than 'goose stepping' opinions. Did they -opposing- views ever changed your mind about book you liked, or a movie?
I suppose this guy was correct about many things he said about Bukowski writing, and many other 'educated folk' have probably even lesser opinion about him. But again, if he and others have applauded to Bukowski I doubt that I'd have twenty, thirty of his books that kept, and still keep me company.


Just read "Hollywood" again after many years - and yes! It's probably his finest work.

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