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So, my nine year old is in a summer camp this week and tonight he's sleeping in a teepee-like structure at a Chumash reservation north of Malibu. He really wanted me to come for dinner and the campfire thing, which I did. Everything was fine until I went to leave. First, trying to find the trail back out to the road after dark (I had expected to leave at sunset) was not the easiest thing but I managed. Then I followed the road to where I parked my car and walked up the steps. At the top of the steps, in sight of my car, I started to walk quickly when I suddenly realized that the ramp I thought was walking up was actually more stairs... about three feet deep per step. At the exact instant that I realized this I tripped and nailed both of my wrists, both of my knees, my ribs (pretty sure that I cracked one) and my chin and lower lip (both of which are still bleeding a little). Guess I should be happy I didn't knock any teeth out.

My question is this... anyone have some Vicodin they can spare?
Sorry to hear about that Chronic, if I had any vicodin it would be in my system now unfortunately. Hope you get well, soon.

In minor news compared to yours a can of friut cocktail rolled out of the refrigerator today onto a toe of mine which is now blue/purple but unbroken, I think.

And no, the vicodin wouldn't be for the pain (for me at least).
Jesus christ, what kind of sick, toothy Malibu douchebag builds steps like that? Hang in there. I have no Vicodin for you though, I'm afraid.
Sorry to hear that. Try over the counter liquor to ease the pain and suffering.

Maybe someone took the wood off the ramp to build the campfire you just left.
with injuries like that, there's gotta be a doctor in LA who will prescribe you vicodin, right? hope you feel better soon!
As I expected, it hurts a whole lot more today than it did last night, even though the parts that are visibly injured (my chin, wrists and one of the knees) are not too bad. But the ribs and the other knee are fucking killing me. I'm trying to avoid going to the doctor since a) I don't think I can drive right now, and b) the usual treatment for a fractured rib is rest and Ibuprofen. Hell, I can do that on my own and save the $20.00 co-pay.
And probably more than that! :D

- Sorry to hear about your accident, chronic! Get well soon!
Unfortunately, I have'nt got any Vicodin for you. If I had, you could certainly have some. Try a large dose of Ibuprofen instead. It should take the top off the pain...
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Get better. Hopefully the pain does not last too long. I'd send you Vicodin, but with the war on drugs, that could get us both a couple years in prison.

Yes, you may be able to call the doctor and get them to give you a prescription. If they know you and know that you are not a junkioe, they may just call it in...

Sorry to hear about that - hang in there. I had a fractured rib once and you're right that there's not much they can do for it. They told me I just needed to rest it. Also, they gave me percocet, which was nice.
Irish whiskey. Preferably Bushmills. Lots of it and a few copies of Wormwood Review in a comfortable lie-down position. Drink, rest, repeat.

Either that, or blast some Crimson so loud that your eardrums disintegrate and then your cracked rib won't feel so bad.

Hang in there. Sorry to hear...
shit man, why all of this light weight stuff? get hold of mikeypants, sounds like he can fix you good...:D :cool: sorry to hear of your mishap. and man, the older you get the more that it hurts......
i broke some ribs last spring, and just that was miserable... i can't imagine combining it with other injuries. sneezing became a world of torture and agony.
I too had a broken rib from laying down on the floor in a stupid move, ribs crack that easy. Sorry to hear about your accident. Rest a lot and hopefully the pain will be less soon.
you see how dangerous summer camps are?

sorry to her that chronic!
Get well soon!

Hope, breathing doesn't hurt too much.
shit man, why all of this light weight stuff? get hold of mikeypants, sounds like he can fix you good...:D :cool:

Well Chronic, at least you have medical. My teeth are killing me and I have a nasty case of prostatitis, but I really shouldn't complain. My friend broke my leg about three years ago, right before I hit the big 21 and my medical timed out. I needed surgery and everything.

Hope ya feel better!
Sorry about your mishap chronic. I hope it heals fast. a 16 or 12 yr old Scotch might help ease then pain. And a joint will defiantly help, if your into that.
I hope your kid really loved his summer camp.
Thanks everyone for the good words. I got some codeine which has helped... as long as I don't move. Calling the doctor in the morning. I think I require something stronger.
Hope you feel better, Chronic. Get well soon.

But I can't seem to locate my doctor so if anyone can send me some codeine, vicodin etc. I would gratefully appreciate it and I will be sure to mention you in my upcoming publication on Chance Press which contains all of my posts on Bukforum.
I've made the experience, that any kind of physical damage is more bearable, reading stuff like 'All the assholes in the world' or other things where Buk has serious physical pain.

It helps coping with this, when you see the humorous (and tough at the same time) way, that he deals with such things.
I've made the experience, that any kind of physical damage is more bearable, reading stuff like 'All the assholes in the world' or other things where Buk has serious physical pain.

It helps coping with this, when you see the humorous (and tough at the same time) way, that he deals with such things.

That depends how much you're screaming in pain. It's hard reading in that situation, or do anything for that matter. :eek: - But I know what you mean...:)
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So, I went to the doctor today and what I got out of it was a tetanus booster and a warning that I'm in for 2 or 3 months of pain. He says narcotics don't work very well for rib pain so I should stick with the Advil.


On the bright side, I guess I was due for the tetanus shot though.
Again. Bushmills. This is medicinal for sure. Pound one pint; the second is optional. Fuck the Rx. Bushmills. Cures a multitude of ills. Just don't interact with anyone after the first pint, because your response will likely be: Hmnmghtuf iosoiuesyj. And that won't fly with the wife. Or the postman. Not that you care about the postman. ;)
Chronic, your doctor is full of shit ! NARCOTICS DON'T WORK FOR RIB PAIN ? Fuck him. When I cracked my ribs, I was prescribed Tylenol with codeine and it helped a lot. When I sprained my back - which also affected my ribs somewhat - I was prescribed Vicodin. Sure, nothing takes it away completely, but you definitely need something stronger than over-the-counter. I know this is stupid advice, but have you considered purchasing Vicodin online ? Its expensive as hell, but if I were in your position I would do it.
You know, I separated every rib on the right side of my ribcage once (do not try this at home), and the narcotics they gave me did not help the pain at all. The 1200mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours did though. Doesn't mean anything, everyone is different. But still.
After this, are you going to encourage backyard camping instead? I have much more fond memories of that than I do going to summer camp so prepubescent steroid junkies can pants me and then (in an odd bit of hypocrisy) call me faggot...

I'm glad I'm grown up now...

Anyhow, hopefully the pain goes away soon. The worst I've done is stub my toe and fracture it, so I don't have any comparison.
Well, I realize everyone is different in their reactions to pain medications, but it just seems weird to me that a doctor would make such a blanket statement like he did. Yes, rib injuries are among the worst pain a person can experience, but the fact that this doctor let someone walk (shuffle....crawl ? ) out of the office without at least 48 hours worth of Tylenol 3 or Vicodin pisses me off.

Maybe I need some opium to mellow me out....

EDIT : mjp - just out of curiosity, what kind of meds were you prescribed ?
Hmm, it was a long time ago, but if I remember correctly it was codeine - Tylenol3. Kind of a weak painkiller for abject agony. As chronic's doctor said, it was 2 or 3 months of hurt.

I drove a stick-shift at the time, and I was unable to shift (well, unable to get into the car for the first month, but that's beside the point) until week 7 or 8. And even then it was unpleasant to drive.

I was in my late 20's when I took that fall, I don't want to think about how the same thing would affect me now, 20 years later. I'd probably just lay there and die. Let JESUS' angels take me home.
Tylenol-3 is on the low end of the painkiller spectrum. I was glad to have it though because it was better than over-the-counter.

I'm in your age-range too and can't imagine how many pieces my body would shatter into with a similar injury. Call the janitors union for a truck full of brooms...
Yes. The ribs still hurt, but it's more uncomfortable than it is painful at this point.
Chronic glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, noticed you are in CA. I've heard many folks say that the "natural" forms of medicine are abundant, and help in easing mild pain. Obviously by your namesake you've probably already explored those options...

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