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Hi guys!
I have a difficult question for you and I hope that someone can help me.
I need to know where and when was firt published the poem Out of the arm of one love.
That's a difficult question here because I don't think there's a manuscript of said poem here. Do you mean Out Of The Arms from Burning?
Thank you for answering me.

Here is the poem I am referring

out of the arm of one love
out of the arm of one love
and into the arms of another
I have been saved from dying on the cross
by a lady who smokes pot
writes songs and stories
and is much kinder than the last,
much much kinder,
and the sex is just as good or better.
it isn't pleasant to be put on the cross and left there,
it is much more pleasant to forget a love which didn't work
as all love
doesn't work...
it is much more pleasant to make love
along the shore in Del Mar
in room 42, and afterwards
sitting up in bed
drinking good wine, talking and touching
listening to the waves...
I have died too many times
believing and waiting, waiting
in a room
staring at a cracked ceiling
wating for the phone, a letter, a knock, a sound...
going wild inside
while she danced with strangers in nightclubs...
out of the arms of one love
and into the arms of another
it's not pleasant to die on the cross,
it is much more pleasant to hear your name whispered in
the dark.
Yeah I saw it online but not here except as I stated above. There's experts here who can help u more than me.
Following your advise and the book you mentioned, now I know that it was published in 1974. Then it is was written before that year. For my purpose it is enough, since I am quoting it in a novel set in the 1970s.
You have benn of great help!
Thank you very much indeed.
Marina from Italy
Yes, the "loose match" feature is also very helpful, especially considering the myriad name variations in some of the poems. For the record, the poem in question was written in 1972 or 1973.

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