out of the red, into the black (1 Viewer)


I think that I think too much
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<= good lord, I've been black balled! Red lettered or black, I still support this place! :cool: :D
well maybe its the start of a movement. hey what the hell, count me in! SAY IT LOUD, I"M BLACK AND I"M ......
All the reds will be gone eventually as attrition chips away at the remaining supporting members.

Since we're a socialist country now and all, these class distinctions have got to go!
If you look closely at all of the negative e-mails flying around about Obama being the anti-Christ, a Muslim and Black Panther terrorist you can see the little hints of where they come from. A couple I read had the phrase 'wake up' in them as in "Wake up white people.". Yes those wonderful fun filled guys from the old Ku Klux Klan. They should be shitting their pants about now.

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