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Outsider #1 scan needed (1 Viewer)


Does anyone have a scan of the drawing that is in Outside #1? It is a pencil drawing of a girl in a coat (?). It is also the cover illustration for "A Bukowski Album", which is the Loujon Press offprint that was made for Bukowski. I need a high quality scan so that I can incorporate it into a clamshell.

Anyone have one?

If so, please let me know and e-mail it to [email protected]. I have highspeed internet, so a large file is ok.

You talking about this one:

God, I love that cover. Why did I sell my copy? That could be a new thread: Bukowksi books I wish I hadn't sold. All of the Outsider issues would be on my list. Only whiners and complainers and bitter people would be allowed to post on that thread.
I'm pretty sure both of you have permission to start a new thread. You know, in case you were waiting for that. ;)

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