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I have a copy of The Outsider 4/5 that belonged to contributor David Meltzer. There are a couple of nice inserts, including the page proof of Meltzer's contribution. There's also two letters from Jon Webb. The first letter is dated November 20, 1968 and is a fascinating look into the printing process of 4/5.


Dear David - So busy at the press. Mail piles up. Now at p. 125 - in the Patchen section & depends on if we have enough paper stock whether we can use yours on Patchen. Know soon. (Lost a lot of paper in our flood - did I send you enclosed?) [Webb included an article from a Tucson newspaper regarding the flood.] But going fine now. Trying to make issue 180 pages. Printing to be done by Dec 15 or 20 - then the tedious complicated hand-binding. 2 covers & a jacket. Hope you like new home. We will be leaving Tucson after 4/5 (a J. Binshu Town) [???]. Maybe to Las Vegas

Very best & fondest - Jon (& Lou)


The second letter reads:

Dear David - Forgive just a note - as Lou & I going day & night on the binding. Returning book. Used some, as you see - also this good poem. Our love & thanks.


Jon (& Lou)

Webb also included a 20% off coupon.

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Nice. Thanks for the scans. Like an idiot, I sold my copy of 4/5 years ago. It's on my long "buy back someday" list.
hey david, i have an extra one i'll let go for cheap if you're interested...minus the dust jacket, flower, etc...

heck, cover shipping and it's yours.

I'll cover more than just the shipping. Send me a PM on how I can pay you: Paypal or a check/money order. Very cool, thanks!
Heck, what can I say? I'm a relatively nice guy. I've been hoping to luck into a cheap copy, but James has very generously offered a free copy, so I'm more than happy to sweeten the deal for him with some extra cash and I still get my cheap copy. I didn't even know there was a dust jacket -- the copy I used to have didn't have a dj. Didn't have the flower, either, so this gets me right back where I was. Heaven is a place where you can buy back all of the great books you wish you hadn't sold, at pennies on the dollar, and your pockets are stuffed with cash, and the shelves are loaded with good books.
That clearer image looks like it's the back panel of the dj - same red design as the front panel? Thanks for the link.

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