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Outsider Art? (1 Viewer)

Outsider used to mean something very specific as far as art is concerned, but it's been co-opted and used by people who have studied art in school and sell over-the-couch-decorations on eBay. Check me out, with my eBay PowerSeller account and MBA -- I'm outside of society, motherfuckers! Jesus. Even if there is no schooling, self-taught does not equal outsider.

What a sad joke all these mooing art and design school cows are. You would have to send a thousand of them through a meat grinder to get a hamburger's worth of creativity, talent or soul.

And it wouldn't even be a good hamburger. It would be like a gas station hamburger.

Ha. I should not talk about art. It gets me too wound up.
It doesn't look a thing like Bukowski. Captures none of his essence. Souless crap would be my estimate, or is that too unkind? Anyway, a waste of money.

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