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zoom man

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I'm sure that's not what you call them,
But the book I'm reading now (Brian Martin, North) has one attached to the book
And I love it.

I've only got 2 other books with one..
An old copy of Shakespear's Collected work
And John Baxter's A Pound of Paper... Confessions of a Book Collector
(Awesome book btw, if you haven't read it, get it).

North is from the UK and so is the Baxter book.
North isn't published here until later this month...
I bet it won't have the page-marker thingy.

Is it that expensive to included?,
Or is it just a Brit thing?!


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Jim Crace's novels have them. nice touches. he has a Brit publisher, so you might be right on that point, Erik.
zoom man - hoochmonkey9 -
the bookmarks are indeed a nice touch - in a three volume collection of poems - dated circa 1906 - the ribbons are in place but worn very thin as are the pages - i've been toying with the idea of including some sort of page marker in my next chapbook -


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