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Since 1:32 pm today I am the proud possessor of this little gem:


The original painting is way more delicate than this pic (which I took from PBA).
So the next days, I may try to make a decent photograph of it and post here.
Thanks again, bospress, to help me with this whole transaction. You're a hero. (You know this anyway, but it's never bad to repeat it at times.)

Roni is still more beautiful...
that's what the Italian composer said, who I recently had a four-night-stand with.

is it an oil or gouache?
I seem to remember, that they said in the catalog it's oil, but I tend to believe that Buk wasn't using oil, but acrylic, due to the long drying-time of oils. Where would he store dozens of oil-paintings to dry them?
You have it in hand, so I defer to your opinion, but in that image it sure looks like oil is seeping into the paper.

I think he did mostly use acrylics and water-based paint, but I've definitely seen some that are oils, and they all have that telltale staining. FWIW.
Really thick oil paint might never dry, depending on the color and formulation. One of my friends has a painting inherited from his family, it was painted in the 50s and his kids used to push little dents into the really thick parts with their fingers.

One of the Bukowski oils that I saw in a book was flattened by being pressed under the cover. You could hold it at an angle and see where the high points had all been uniformly smashed down to the same thickness.
Yes, it could be oil seeping in the paper, acrylic wouldn't. I think that it is very nice. I thought that the light yellows were nuances which would have been unusual for Buk. Congrats, Roni!
Can I ask how much you paid for it and what are the dimensions????
how much you paid for it and what are the dimensions?
It's tipped-in into 'Ham On Rye' so these are the dimensions.
Bought it at the last PBA-auction (Lot #39) at 3,900.- USD (hammer-prize plus the cut for the gallery, but not including insured shipping to Bill and then again from Bill to my relative who brought it abroad). So, all-in-all you can make it a round 4,000.- USD.

I had to lend money to be able to pay for this and the 'Flower, Fist', the latter of which I'm already trying to sell (via Bill), because I realized, I can't afford it.
It's tipped-in into 'Ham On Rye' so these are the dimensions.

That will make it worth some cash. Whether he meant it or not, it looks like there is a lot of different imagery in that one. Either that or I ate to much acid in my 20s.
It's s beaut ! I hoping when I get beaten to death my insurance policy will be able to cover something like that . I'll use the change to fund a 7 million dollar film about suicide and unemployment . Yes the subject is *embarrasing*, we had *sigh* a family member who went through that Eek ... At least they'll have something to feel nostalgic about in between welfare checks
I see some lions and tigers and elephants leaping through the air at this girl who is tied to a submarine, but I guess it's only me.
How convenient that all the paintings pictured in the "article" just happen to be for sale on ABE. What are the odds?
A prodigy in yet another field, painting since he was five:


He's the man of many talents, just as we supposed:

A Renaissance Man.jpg
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