Pam Wood interview/podcast (1 Viewer)

Interesting interview! I've never heard her voice before. Thanks, mjp.
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btw: left to right:

Pamela Wood / Fred Voss / Joan Jobe Smith
at the 'Frolic Room', Hollywood on Nov 1st, 2010.

Dan Fante was on NPR a while back, if i remember it correctly.

One of the advantages of getting a contract with Harper Collins is that crazy publicity.

You know, I didn't like her accent. She sounded like she was from Pennsylvania or something and it struck me wrong. Please don't get me wrong, this is obviously a personal problem of mine and should be no reflexion on our mutual admiration for Cupcakes.
There was a review in today's NYTBR about an Australian poet Les Murray who reminded me of Bukowski. I had never heard of him and wondered if anyone has read him.
What does that have to do with Pam Wood or Dan Fante or anything else in this thread? Why do you keep doing this? Why do I have to keep asking you to start new threads? Why do you hate me?
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