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That is a great interview especially since that Joan Jobe Smith did a great job. I don't know which question Joan was apologizing for but it was what I'd expect from a couple of girls reminiscing. Pamela Woods answers read like the voice from her book. This reminds me that I need to get back to reread Women.
I don't know which question Joan was apologizing for

Question Eight:

joanJOBEsmith said:
When a little girl, I loved dolls, believed in dolls, collected them. If I were to find a Bukowski's Women Doll Series, what would your Cupcakes Doll look like? Barbie look-alike, G.I. Jane, Raggedy Ann, a Cabbage Patch, Dora the Explorer? Cupcakes Interview, some of it, was conducted via email: Questions sent to Cupcakes, then her Response cut&pasted (more questions asked at our personal meeting).. at the end of my first batch i asterisk'd the Doll Question with the apology to her that she might consider comparison of herself to a Doll offensive to her modern can-do feminism (MY goody-girl generation loved dolls; her younger gen of mover-shaker women resented being likened to a "doll").. but Cupcakes, i soon discovered to my delight is a woman of all seasons, a Femme Par Excellence with a great sense of humor and deep humanity.. the original poster of the Interview had not deleted my postscript which is how it appears in the Final Draft (right now being rejected by the Rolling Stone)...
Hi Joan. Who needs the Rolling Stone? It can't be more appreciated than around here. So screw them.

Anybody who has read "Charles Bukowski's Scarlet" must recognize Cupcakes as a very sympathic woman with a great sense of humor.

Thank you a lot for the interesting interview.
new Cupcakes Interview QUESTION: "what flavors are your 'cupcakes'?"

.. recently i asked Cupcakes (aka SCARLET) a New and Superfluous Interview Question: "What flavors are your 'cupcakes'?" and she generously replied:

"...Then: Naughty & Nutty Red Velvet; Carpet Matches the Drapes Grape; Hoochie Momma Mint; Buk's Blueberry Banana--Now: Where Did I Park My Car-Mel; Curmudgeon Fudgeon; Varicose Vain Vanilla; Metamucil & Prune... ha!"

...a fabulous sense of humor...

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