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Here are scans from The Emerson Review, Volume 1 Number 1 (Hollywood, Winter 1963) featuring two collected poems and this uncollected poem: Part of an Ordinary Day of an Inordinate Man:.



I took out existence since it's identical to the version in the Black Sparrow book.

I was about to delete weather report too, but I took a minute to compare it , and it's a different poem than the weather report in Love is a Dog From Hell, so there it is. Thanks.


Generally speaking we don't post magazine scans if the contents are the same as the Black Sparrow books. So to anyone who is posting scans: thanks, they're all appreciated, but please check them against the books, and if the contents are the same, there's no need to post the scans. If you can't check them or don't see the poems anywhere, go ahead and attach images and we'll keep what needs to be kept.
More advice to anyone who's posting scans

Post all the scans you can while mjp is away*. I'll grab them immediately :cool: and he can safely delete them later.
It worked.
Until now,

*European daylight time (preferably early morning) is best.
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Since I'm paying for this ("What? It's not free? I though the Internet was free mjp!"), I'm not going to store scans that are identical to what's published in the books. I get rid of unnecessary images whenever I have to.

And since we're having a chat about scans/photos/images, I'll just mention that I also have to crop/reduce just about every image posted here. There's no need for a 300dpi scan that's 3000 pixels wide (with 1000 pixels of that being scanner bed or tabletop or dog pillow). There's no need for a 180dpi scan, or 150dpi or 100dpi. There's no need for anything more than a 72 dpi on a website. The forum and website images are meant to be viewed on a monitor, not printed. The higher the resolution, the bigger the file (more storage) and the longer it will take to load (more bandwidth), and there is no visual benefit.

I don't usually make a big deal about any of this because I don't want to discourage someone from posting images if they don't have the equipment or knowledge to size them properly. But since we're talking about it, FYI.
The Internet isn't free?!!??

I guess one learns something new each new day (on this frigging Internet*).

*Yeah, I was born before the Internet.
Of course it shows.

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