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The only thing that could've made the show better for me was a Buk reference somewhere in their 2 seasons. Anyone else seem this show?


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I read a good review of it somewhere and put season 1 in our netflix "instant" queue. Now I guess this makes two good reviews.

I read about it near the end of season 1 and immediately wanted to see it. It was on Starz, and their hair-brained contracts made the show almost impossible to watch--no iTunes, no DVD, no streaming anywhere save a Starz paywall. Then they got Season 1 out on DVD and hence Netflix, and tried to push Season 2 a little...but no one could see the damn thing! Which is a shame...they had a good little thing going. The series ends with the last episode of Season 2. And after the whole thing ended they finally got it on iTunes and elsewhere. I think it's an unplucked gem of a show.

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