Patrick Modiano wins the Nobel prize in literature 2014 – as it happened (1 Viewer)

I've read a translation of his book Rue des Boutiques Obscures back in 1984 or so, but can't remember a thing from it.
Just glad that dinosaur Margaret Atwood didn't win. So damn pretentious she had a remote signing device (LongPen) invented so she wouldn't have to sign her own name in person.
Personally, I would have been thrilled to see Margaret Atwood winning it, not enough women have, not that that is a reason in itself, she would merit it on sheer talent alone; unlikely however given last year's recipient.
Talent alone wouldn't appear to be adequate either, looking at the stats for the prize, with a very heavy preference for "dinosaurs" since 1901.
In fact looks like the youngest upstart to blaze a trail was Rudyard Kipling, at the giddy age of 42, the youngest winner, so far.
Footnotes make shit legit, so the more footnotes, the more real something is.

Get with it man, don't you have a grasp on REALITY?!

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