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Sold PBA Auction with Bukowski and a lot of stuff that BoSP printed/bound


There is a PBA auction coming up with some Bukowski stuff and and a lot of stuff that BoSP printed/bound.

1) Abels Debritto's HARDCOVER book on Bukowski that I bound HERE.
2) The Bukowski broadside I SAW A TRAMP LAST NIGHT included HERE.
3) David Calonne's HARDCOVER book that I bound HERE.
4) Ferlinghetti's SONG OF THE THIRD WORLD BIRDS that I printed/painted the covers/bound HERE.
5) Ferlinghetti's PITY THE NATION that I printed HERE.
6) Ferlinghetti's TWO PARISIAN MODELS that I printed from Lawrence's original copper plates HERE.
7) 2 broadsides by Ferlinghetti that I printed HERE.
8) UNTITLED poem broadside by A.D. Winans that I printed HERE.
9) Super-Rare Leonard Cohen broadside (Signed by Leonard Cohen) that I printed/bound HERE.
10) Allen Ginsberg's IF NOT FOREVER (I printed the HB & PB, and bound the PB) HERE.
11) Five books by Jack Hirschman that I did (Molly Arcane printed/stenciled/bound by me), Two Arcanes (2 editions) and Look A Hear (I bound the hardcover) HERE.


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