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Hey all:

Just signed up.

For the record, I live in San Pedro, or "Pee-droh" for the uninitiated.
To save fans a potentially ugly embarrassment at the hands of the locals, be sure to pronounce the town pee-droh. If you say Pay-droh, even to locals of hispanic origin - you are likely to be chastised and even possibly beaten.

I love this town. Been here for 15 years.

I live less than 2 blocks from some of Hanks old haunts.

Does anyone have the street address of Buks house in pedro? The closest I could find was a GIF image of an old drivers license that did not display the address clearly.

Also, I will be visiting Hank at Green Hills Cemetary this Sunday, 2-18-07 to have a drink with him.

Look forward to dealing with the rest of you mothers.

Be at peace.

Have a few for me.

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