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I haven't posted for a long time (locked up in an asylum) and I've been reading 'The Dirty Havana Trilogy' by Gutierrez and wondered if anyone else was familiar with his work.
His work is quite comparable to Bukowski in style and gives a vivid portrait of life in Havana in 1994. If you haven't read this book then I would suggest trying to get hold of a copy as it is an engaging read and he has the same ability as Bukowski of finding poetry in the depths of poverty and despair.
He also wrote 'The Insatiable Spiderman' but for me this wasn't such a cohesive book.
Anyway it's time to take my pills :)
well, my first thoughts when skimming over the first few pages, were not very good. the writing seemed very choppy and lacked that certain flow that one needs to put down in order to captivate the reader. now, I may be wrong, but the language just didn't seem to mesh with me.

I'll try again...and we shall see.
yeah, actually I retract my previous statement.

I started reading this last nite and its pretty good.
I must've been thinking about another book by a cuban writer.

this is pretty good stuff.
HC: some of the best parts in the book come when he does individual chapters in the third person.
I always get a thrill out of turning someone onto a new writer so I'm glad you liked it. For me reading it makes me want to drink lots of rum (which I do) sleep with lots of women (I can wish) but I can live without the extreme poverty!
Dirty Havana eh?...sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip.
Hi Bogthing, it is a lively read and I'd suggest checking it out.

btw, I noticed you posted on my website which was kind of you. Unfortunately I've had some technical difficulties (work has blocked it and I only know when something happens when it sends me a confirmation email!)
Anyway just to let you know I'm finally getting myself hooked up at home and then (fingers crossed) you should see a massive improvement.

till then, happy camping:)

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