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i try to think back before the Internet (before i knew about it anyway)

how i would have shit my pants to find actual copies of his typed poems

to have all this information at my finger tips

but shit...i bet it would have meant less


& oh yea...i do tend to write in effected poesy if only cause my brain simply prefers clipped simple lines instead of that long winded garbage that i use when i have to actually talk to people.

Edit: The original version of this post is here.
LOL! Good morning and welcome. Toe the line and you will enjoy your visits here. How did you discover Bukowski?...or were you looking for a place to write?
Well that was certainly an original enterance.

Welcome. Was the original post meant to be a poem? Because I read it and I was like, "this sounds like a quirky poem." Good though, for lack of a better term or phrase.
i have no idea what i'm doing. i don't even actually know what this kind of web sight is called. but some people are rather critical aren't they? it kind of amuses me...kind of annoys me. as i mentioned i write however i actually feel. at work, letters, for fun. however it forms in my head i write it that way. be it this way or the other. in the grand scheme of things i don't believe it actually matters, the form, the careful attention to spelling & grammar. it's all about getting loose ain't it? i had read a few other peoples post on this thing & thought it sounded rather boring.

but i suppose i got in to Bukowski the same way alot of people did...i drank too much, acted a fool, wrote badly & was suggested him by a girlfriend as an alternative to Hemingway. i was writing poetry & had never actually read a full poem. all of it was unreadable to me. it never said what it mean't & tried to hard to sound a certain way. i couldn't relate. then Buk & his simple lines blah blah blah...see what i mean? people tend to think they're unique but rarley are. even most of our expeirnaces tend to be similar.

well, somehow i enabled full screen on my computer & can't spell check this until i figure out how to disable it. this means a reboot. when something fucks up my solution is to fuck it up more till i can just start over. this works well with most things in life but usually doesn't work with women but then again sometimes it does...
yes i have been to Von's. they have dozens of old Micky Spillane books that i am buying up. i don't think Von's will ever go out of business. even if they don't sell anything they would probably get a bailout due to being such a Lafayette institution.

& yes, the escape key works but i just like breaking shit. also fuck your form right up your cornhole. i would rather play with words than strangle them. i leave carefulness to English Lit teachers. by the way how's that 8th grade remedial English class going?

as for saving anyone from boredom...i just can't do it. the world is much drudgery shot through with small amounts of brilliance. both are worthy of poems. it's just that i glaze over when the mundane piles up.

so ok. time to eat sausage & go live...
Are you so far gone that you are bitter and insulting in your first two days here? Or did I read that wrong? Relax and take some crap for being the new kid. We are just having a little fun. Everything will be okay.
... also fuck your form right up your cornhole. i would rather play with words than strangle them. i leave carefulness to English Lit teachers. by the way how's that 8th grade remedial English class going?

Yikes! Scrappy little bitch, ain'tcha? Take your goddamned Midol already.
as for saving anyone from boredom...i just can't do it.
Damn. I was hoping you could save me with your unstrangled words and wonderfully unique Bukowski-stencil attitude and outlook.

I would say, "Thanks for trying," but you didn't even try.

Oh, I get it: "bon't try."
I guess all of Von's customers are tools. I know that the owners (or managers) are douchebags, so it is not a complete surprise.

One thing that Von's does not know how to do is to threaten someone properly. They tried it with me and were made to regret it.

They will close, I can tell you. Institution or not, when no one buys your stuff and you cannot pay your rent, then the doors have to close.

I have personally told many people in that area to NOT shop there. That was at their request. I just followed through.

Please let me know when they close their doors. It should not be long now...


p.s. Subleasing half of their store was an attempt to keep the rent money coming in. Something tells me that it won't matter....

You have never seen me when I'm stuck in traffic!

Ha, but really. I'm not mad at anyone, especially sofargone88, but really dislike the folks over at Von's and want to see them fail.

Nothing personal, but I don't like being threatened by people that believe that they are smarter than they really are.

The folks at Von's and I have a bit of a history. They probably do not know who I am under the name, as I was involved in some nastiness with then a while back that had nothing to do with BoSP.

That's what's nice about Tampa.

The gentle folk here think being stuck for 15 minutes is traffic.


So it's safe to assume that the folks at Von's are all Bonobos; and what's his/her name may be one, too?

I got lotsa bananas...if you need any.

Here in LSD (Lower, Slower, Delaware) we don't have any traffic. Really no one lives here and there is a LOT of land. We only have about 750,000 people in the whole state and most of them are in the Northern County (New Castle County). In the lower two counties, we have no big cities, and it is a bit remote. We have lots of Amish people here and lots of farms. Hosh & Strangegirl can back me up on that.

But I HATE traffic. When I have to go to Baltimore, Philly or NJ and I hit traffic, I get pissed.

I hate traffic almost as much as I hate Von's....

OK. so i explained i was new to this. i figured we all just fucked with each other & that was good. i like that sort of thing. i didn't like having to go on the defensive so quick out of the gate but that's on me. my fucked up perception.

i think i just figured out how to do that quote thing but i believe I'll just take it for a minute. at least till i figure out how this all works. but do tell if verbal fist fights are the order of the day. it's kinda fun ain't it?

institution or not it's safe to say Von's probably will close some day. it's a dieing industry. nobody buys records anymore cause it's easier & cheaper to download. & book stores close all the time. i don't know if it's cause people read less or not. the chains have something to do with this I'm sure. and forget about that stupid middle section selling beads & incense. i never could figure out the point of all that. i have no love for Von's. most of the employees think they work in a big city vinyl shop & treat the customers with disdain as they sit & listen to Arctic Monkey. i used to see those people in the bars & they try for elite but rarely make up for the days when they got picked on in high school. me & my friends all were all in bands that they had to go see to be part of the "scene" & they always sat at tables in the corner then went to work the next day to pretend at being king again.

welcome sofargone.
as far as form goes, sure, leave it behind if you want. but i can only take so many misspellings until it becomes unreadable. and it almost seems that you are spelling words wrong on purpose. web sight? c'mon! really?
We have lots of Amish people here and lots of farms. Hosh & Strangegirl can back me up on that.

Get caught behind a buggy & it's slow going--but, yeah--not much traffic. Unless you count the Nascar track.

Points of interest include: Reese Witherspoon's former marital home, R.Crumb's high school & the Kwik-e-mart where the folks call Bill ROCKSTAR!

Enjoyed the heck out of my trip, can't wait to get back there someday...
You must drink "Rockstar". I get that amped up vibe from you sometimes.

Hey sofargone88 how are you doing now?...better..I hope. Do you drink those taurine energy drinks. I can't handle that stuff at my age.
i discovered bukowski when i bought a book he wrote at a bookstore. i actually don't think that most people discovered him because they were shitty poets whose girlfriends showed them bukowski because they thought it might help. funny story, though.

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