penguin modern poets 13


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so which poems are in this? are they collected? drunk minds want to know...


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Yeah, it's mostly stuff from the Webb's books, It Catches, and Crucifix, a lot of strong poems:

Penguin Modern Poets 13, 1969
I Cannot Stand Tears - pg. 11
Crucifix In A Death Hand - pg. 12
The Sunday Artist - pg. 14
A Nice Day - pg. 15
The Twins - pg. 17
Dinner, Rain and Transport - pg. 19
The Priest And The Matador - pg. 21
Sunflower - pg. 22
Old Man, Dead In A Room - pg. 24
The Day It Rained At The Los Angeles County Museum - pg. 26
Counsel - pg. 28
The Loss, The Loss, The Loss - pg. 30
The Sun Wields Mercy - pg. 32
I Am With The Roots Of Flowers - pg. 35
Love And Fame And Death - pg. 37
They, All Of Them, Know - pg. 38
Confession For Those Who Do Not Breathe At Funerals - pg. 42
I Wait In The White Rain - pg. 44
Sway With Me - pg. 46
A Report Upon The Consumption Of Myself - pg. 47
A Farewell Thing While Breathing - pg. 49
I Write This Upon The Last Drink's Hammer - pg. 50
When The Berry Bush Dies I'll Swim Down The Green River With My Hair On Fire - pg. 55
I Was Born To Hustle Roses Down The Avenues Of The Dead - pg. 57
Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks And You... - pg. 59