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Penthouse UK with a Bukowski story (1 Viewer)

Something tells me I don't have the negotiating ability to explain to my wife why I spent that amount of money on a girlie mag...

I imagine the story is uncollected elsewhere?
I wrote "Pic says it all" to avoid saying Penthouse. For some reason, Penthouse mags are considered porn and you can only list them in the "adult" category. But non-USA eBay members are not allowed to list items in the adult category. So there you go.

The story is titled "The Raid."
You sure have a point, Bill. But last time I listed an Oui magazine, it was cancelled a couple of hours later. If you don't mention the name of the mag, it might go unnoticed.... Unless someone tells them about it, of course. We'll see.
To be honest, I didn't want to sell this mag. I was just testing the waters re. the (mis)categorization of the listing. Apparently, it did go unnoticed, which is good news.

It took me 3 years to find this issue, and I will probably not sell it at any price. I don't think that Nick Lawrence (where are you, my dear friend :D ? ) would have met the reserve. That says it all, right?
Cool! Please list more items that you don't want to sell. Just make sure you tell us about them here so we can look on with astonishment. :rolleyes:

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